Twelve months before:

  • Arrange meeting for both parties’ parents to discuss wedding date, style and details of traditional Chinese wedding customs.
  • Gather wedding information for planning and budgeting
  • Confirm venue for wedding ceremony and banquet
  • Begin regular pre-wedding facial and hair treatments
  • Arrange pre-marital health examination

Four months before:

  • Select wedding rings and other wedding accessories
  • Confirm wedding gowns and suits for the wedding couple and their parents
  • Confirm best man and maid of honor and their gowns and suits
  • Taking pre-wedding photos
  • Confirm venue decoration and florist arrangements
  • Confirm design and content of invitation cards
  • All preparations for new home
  • Plan for honeymoon

Two-Three months before:

  • Give Notice of Intended Marriage to Marriage Registry
  • Settle second deposit for wedding banquet
  • Forecast attendance and plan guest list details
  • Production of wedding photos slideshow DVD
  • Discuss rundown with on-the-day photographer and video crew
  • Select wedding photos for venue decoration
  • Confirm and meet with hair stylist and makeup artist
  • Arrange wedding cake and wine for banquet
  • Purchase wedding gift cake coupons
  • Confirm wedding coordinators’ s duties and responsibilities on the wedding day
  • Apply for marriage leave

One month before:

  • Arrange traditional Chinese wedding custom “Three Letters, Six Etiquettes”
  • Arrange final appointment with hotel to discuss banquet details
  • Confirm witness for marriage registration
  • Wedding gowns trial
  • Send out invitation cards

Two weeks before:

  • Final fitting for wedding gowns
  • Confirm bridal limousine schedule with hotel
  • Finalize attendance, guest list and seating plan with hotel
  • Arrange appointment with hotel for CD / DVD trial play

One day before:

  • Collect all wedding gowns, bouquet and corsages
  • Arrange all goodies and wine to be delivered to hotel
  • Re-confirm appointment with makeup artist, hairstylist, photographers
  • Traditional Chinese “Combing rite”
  • Prepare lucky money, Chinese tea set and other equipment for traditional Chinese wedding ceremony for the next morning
  • Have a good night sleep and prepare to enjoy a wonderful wedding the next day